Start building on Arbitrum today

Center now supports this powerful Ethereum L2 scaling solution.

Center is for builders, and we are always focused on ways to empower builders to create even more powerful products.

We know that builders want to build in the most powerful ecosystems — that's why we've partnered with Arbitrum, a leading L2 scaling solution for Ethereum, and are pleased to announce that Center now offers Arbitrum NFT API support.

You can now use Center to build dApps on Arbitrum in minutes.

Let's get started

We can't wait to see what you build on Arbitrum! For more information, please check out these resources:

Or check out a search example:

Demo: Search for a collection


curl -XGET "<>"


  "results": [
      "id": "arbitrum-mainnet/0x8B81043ac0fE5676b31005b772BEC79d4aa19fE4",
      "name": "imTokenArbitrum",
      "previewImageUrl": "<>",
      "relevance": 6.9238625,
      "url": "<>",
      "address": "0x8B81043ac0fE5676b31005b772BEC79d4aa19fE4",
      "type": "Collection"