Announcing Center Components v1

Today, we are excited to announce updates to Center’s React Components.

We are excited to release v1 of Center’s development clients. This version comes with several improvements to our codebase to allow for faster iteration and continuous improvement of our APIs.

The new package name for NFT React: @center-inc/react

Previously, we were using nft-react for Center's React components. Now, it's @center-inc/react!

Note: Your app will not break if you are using nft-react, but it will not be updated anymore.

To access our new features and improvements, you will need to update your package with the new name:

yarn add @center-inc/react
Custom loading and error rendering on Asset and Assets components

While using the Asset and Assets components, you are now able to handle custom loading and error states. You can render your own components with the following props:

  • renderLoading prop - Render custom loading component
  • renderError prop - Render custom error component

These can be used as either 1) functions or 2) components directly:

	renderError={() => <div>Custom Error</div>}
	renderLoading={() => <div>Custom Loading</div>}

// or

	renderError={<div>Custom Error</div>}
	renderLoading={<div>Custom Error</div>}
Ongoing Work

Our goal is to enable you to create your next NFT application much faster. To this end, we are planning to add support for as many platforms as possible to our NFT components, while also working on new packages, improvements and documentation.

Have ideas? Please submit a feature request or reach out to our support team.

Thank you for reading — we hope you enjoy this release! Stay tuned for the next.