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Tooling makes productive individuals even more productive.

Bitcoin was (most likely) started by one ambitious individual; why can't more companies stay small and productive?

The answer is that there's always stuff that gets in the way. But does it have to be this way? Maybe, maybe not. Here's one way we overcame this complexity this week:

Building tooling and helping individuals leverage themselves is one of our company values.

Last week we switched over to a new ATS called Ashby. We highly recommend it if you aren't using it already. After migrating our data over from Notion, we had to update the link to our jobs page.

We're currently maintaining,, and, and having to grep all three of the codebases and updating the links didn't feel quite right.

Instead, we decided to move all of our company variables into github. Here's what we do now:

Now we just import this package, reference the variable, and instead use the time we saved to write blog posts that mention that we're hiring.