Retrieve collection floor prices with Center

Center now provides marketplace-level floor prices for NFT collections.

We're excited to release a brand-new floor price endpoint.

With this new endpoint, you can easily retrieve NFT collection floor prices across major marketplaces. We provide:

  1. Global floor price (across all marketplaces that we support)
  2. Floor price broken out by marketplace

Check out an example where we compare our results to the floor prices on OpenSea, Looksrare and X2Y2:

Comparing the BAYC floor price on Center's endpoint against each marketplace

We currently support the following chains and marketplaces:

  • Chains: Ethereum Mainnet, Ethereum Goerli, Ethereum Sepolia, Base Mainnet, Base Goerli, Polygon, Optimism and Zora
  • Marketplaces: OpenSea, X2Y2 and Looksrare.

If you would like us to add support for other chains or marketplaces, please let us know at

Interested in other market data?

We also provide collection trading volume over a variety of time periods. Read more in our blog post.