Now available: Teams support in the Center API Portal

Easily add other users to your Center projects.

We're excited to announce the launch of Teams, a new feature added to our user portal.

What is Teams?

With Teams, project owners can now invite team members to their projects. Project members will be able to see the project in their own user portals, view usage data and access API keys.

Overview of Teams feature in user portal

Why is this important?

Large teams can now collaborate much more easily – rather than a single project owner editing API keys and tracking usage, entire teams can now access this information and make changes if necessary.

How do you add a Team member?
  1. Log in to your Center API account
  2. Select the desired project
  3. Go to the "Team" tab in the top left
  4. Add a Team member
  5. That's it! The Team member will now see the project in their user portal.

Note: The team member must have already created an account with Center.