View all available NFT media before rendering

All available NFT media grouped by type — so you can decide exactly what you want to show in your app.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for builders to show NFTs in their applications. Today, we're pleased to share that it's even easier to discover all of the available media for a particular NFT and render it with Center.

Rendering NFTs with Center is straightforward

You can always keep things simple – provide us with a collection address and token ID, and we'll render an image in whatever size and format you tell us.

But NFTs often have more than one associated media file. There may be several different images, or even audio and video. In these cases, you need a way to 1) know what exists and 2) tell us which media you want to render.

With our rendering API, you can show any NFT-related media you would like by simply specifying the mediaPath as a query parameter. However, that still leaves the problem of figuring out which media paths exist in the first place...

Discovering all of the available media for an NFT has never been easier

In order to help you determine what you would like to render, we:

  1. Categorize the media files into image, audio, video and other
  2. Provide the mime type for each media file

In this case, you can pass animation_url as the mediaPath in our Render NFT endpoint and we'll render the audio for you:

Response with variety of media types

We include this array of media files in our Get NFT Metadata response – as well as in a dedicated List NFT Media endpoint.