Guarantee fast NFT Metadata response times

Our timeout parameter ensures the performance of your app never suffers due to slow gateways or spammy collections.

We're pleased to share that we have added a new timeout parameter to our NFT Metadata endpoints (single NFT and batched requests).

This optional parameter allows you to specify the maximum time that a metadata request should take (incl. batched requests). If we have not retrieved a particular asset's metadata in time (e.g., IPFS gateway is slow for a newly minted asset), we will omit that asset from the response.

Why is this useful?

This allows you to guarantee fast loading times in your application. If you make a batched request with 100 assets, you will no longer be required to wait for the slowest one to be retrieved (which may be due to spammy collections or low quality off-chain data providers). Rather, you can guarantee that your application will load lightning-fast. You can then make follow-up calls with a longer timeout for slower assets that were not returned initially.