Center Changelog: October 2023

Check out everything we were up to in October.

Read on to learn about how other builders are using Center, our new Farcaster API, the launch of our user dashboard, compute unit simplifications, new chains for market data and more.

As always, reach out to if you have any questions or feedback. Happy building!

Case studies

Check out how four revolutionary companies are using the Center API:

Farcaster API

You can now use Center to get data from the Farcaster protocol.

We have indexed all the smart contracts associated with Farcaster and made the data available in real-time.

Farcaster API response

OwnershipTransferred event from the IDRegistry contract on the Farcaster protocol

We will be adding endpoints for a number of protocols over the coming weeks. Please let us know if you would like data from a particular protocol.

Improved user dashboard

We shipped a new and improved user dashboard. You can use the dashboard to invite team members, manage API keys, track performance data, upgrade your plan and more. We will be shipping additional improvements to the dashboard over the coming weeks.

Dashboard home page

A look at the homepage of the revamped dashboard

Market data on more chains

You can now access real-time market data on:

  • Zora
  • Base
  • Optimism
  • Polygon

Floor price API response

Floor price for a collection on Base Mainnet

This is part of our commitment to building the best-in-class NFT Market Data API. Learn more in our blog post here.

Compute unit simplification

It is now cheaper and simpler to use Center.

  • Rendering small and medium presets now costs 0 CUs (vs. 1 CU before)
  • Paginated requests now cost a flat 5 CUs / call (vs. a variable number depending on how many items were in the response)

This will make it easier to predict compute unit usage — and has the added benefit of reducing the number of compute units that you will consume for these calls. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Check out the full list of CUs by endpoint.

Other updates
  • The NFTs Owned by an Address response now includes the collection name and symbol. This makes it much easier to interpret the results when querying for assets owned by a wallet.
  • We added a new field, "hidden", to our NFT Metadata response. This field indicates if the collection is hidden on OpenSea - which is often a good indication of spam. We will be rolling out additional spam detection features soon.

Updated NFT owned response

Response for NFTs Owned by an Address now includes collection details