Open Source Wish List

We're offering grants to developers who build and open source these things

So much of our industry is built on open source software, and we'd like to do our part to help make it better. Normally, this means contributing code and making open source libraries better. We try to do that whenever we can, but we'd like to take this a step further.

Here are some open source projects that we wish existed. And we will keep this list up to date as we think of more things.

To take on one of these grants, email us - with the project you want to work on, and a requested grant size.

1. Asciinema Player that's React and Next.js Friendly

Goal: make a React component to embed Asciinema recordings that "just works"

Our idea of marketing is posting screenshots and video recordings of terminal sessions. Asciinema is great for this.

One problem is that it's still a bit difficult to embed these recordings into React apps (like our blog). So as a workaround, we export them as GIFs, like we did in this post.

Task: make a simple React.js library to embed Asciinema recordings, like this:

import Asciinema from 'react-asciinema';

const Component = () => <Asciinema castId="455413" />;

This should work for both client-side renders as well as SSR.