Center & Polygon: Ship NFT Apps Faster

Everything you need to know to build great NFT apps on Polygon with Center.

By Center 2 min read

Center empowers developers, and Polygon is a great place to develop. That is why we've teamed up to allow developers to ship ground-breaking NFT dApps in just a few lines of code.

Today, we're pleased to announce that Polygon NFT API support is now generally available for all users on

From its inception, Polygon has focused on empowering developers with first-class developer tools, experiences, and a relentless focus on helping builders build. This is just one of many values that Polygon and Center share.

By empowering builders with first-rate developer tools, Polygon has built a flourishing NFT ecosystem supported by OpenSea, Meta, and many others.

About Center

Center is an NFT search engine offering a high-performance API designed with speed and developer productivity in mind. Simple integration process enables rapid deployment of new NFT markets, metaverse, and web3 applications.

What is an NFT API?

Center has indexed over 150TB of NFTs across 14 chains and our APIs offer a 99.999% uptime SLA. It's built by a seasoned team with working experience at Coinbase, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google and Paradigm. We've led teams and built products where scalability, performance, and security is a must.

Our Investors

Our Team

Here are just two short examples, showing how you can build powerful Polygon NFT applications in a a matter of minutes using Center's APIs.

In this tutorial, we'll go from zero to a working Polygon NFT Search engine using center's NFT API and React Components.

Tutorial 2: Build a Universal Polygon NFT Renderer

In this tutorial, we'll build a universal Polygon NFT Renderer using Center's rendering API.

What Will You Build Next?

Starting any new project can be daunting, and even with powerful APIs and a great developer ecosystem, it still might seem difficult. But remember two things: first, the most important thing is to get started, and second, almost every successful company was also once just an idea that someone was thinking about getting started on.

Ready to get started? Sign up for an API key here.

If you have ideas, we'd love to help you. Here are some resources to get started: