Center Changelog: September 2023

Check out everything we were up to in September.

Read on to learn about asset search, a new market cap endpoint, new ways to optimize API performance, improvements we've made to our data quality, and more.

As always, reach out to if you have any questions or feedback. Happy building!

NFT Asset Search + 1155 Support

NFT Search now supports assets (in addition to collections). You can specify the type of result you are looking for, and we'll take care of the rest. We also added search support for ERC1155 collections and assets. Learn more in our announcement blog.

Demonstrating asset search for Azuki #424

Timeout parameter for NFT Metadata

You can now specify a timeout for NFT metadata calls. This allows you to guarantee fast loading times in your application — no more waiting for the slowest NFT in a particular batch. Check it out in our docs or read about it in our blog.

Check out the timeout parameter in action

Market cap

We shipped a market cap endpoint. You can now use Center to get real-time market caps for NFT collections. Interested in other market data? Reminder: We also offer floor prices and collection trading volume.

Market cap API response

Automated metadata refresh

We significantly improved the way we automatically detect metadata changes. This means we will have much fresher NFT metadata after reveals — and your applications will reap the benefits. Check out our docs to learn how to retrieve NFT metadata with Center.

NFT Transfers API

You can now get all historical transfers for any NFT with our new NFT Transfers endpoint. With this endpoint, all it takes to build rich transfer history pages is the collection address and token ID. Read more on our blog.

Transfers API response

All transfers for Nouns #545

Performance improvements

We fixed bugs that were impacting some ENS domains and CryptoPunks. We also implemented significant performance speed-ups for our ownership and metadata endpoints.