Now live: The next generation of the Center API

The Center API V2 is the fastest, most accurate and most powerful NFT API.

The Center API V2 is the next-generation NFT API — we took everything our users loved about V1 and built on it to create the fastest, most accurate and most powerful NFT API available anywhere.

We're proud to unveil the first set of v2 API endpoints:

  • Show NFT Metadata: View all metadata associated with an NFT, including traits, collection information and media previews.
  • List NFT Media: Retrieve a list of all media available for a specified NFT, including video and audio. Use this endpoint to decide which media to render.
  • Render NFT Media: Specify exactly how you would like to render media for a specified NFT. Users can render media with custom dimensions and file types, and can easily transform NFT media to new formats if desired.
  • NFTs Owned by Address: View all assets owned by an address. This endpoint seamlessly handles both ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens and updates in seconds to reflect new blocks.
  • Owners of NFT Collection: Retrieve all owners of a specified NFT collection.

How do these improve upon our v1 endpoints?

  • Pristine accuracy: We rebuilt our indexing infrastructure from the ground up to ensure that we properly handle and categorize all transactions. This means our data quality is pristine, with new data available just seconds after new blocks are added.

The Center API immediately reflects the new owner of a recently transferred NFT.

  • Faster: We know speed is important. Our v2 APIs are even faster than v1.

  • More flexible: Our systems dynamically ingest data from the chain, meaning that our systems are built to handle a variety of asset and media types. Even if we haven't seen a particular asset type before, our infrastructure automatically adjusts to properly index and analyze it.

1155 and 721s in the same response

Ownership response includes both ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens.

  • More powerful, and safer, rendering: Our V2 renderer handles more media types (audio and video) and allows users to customize media like never before. In V1, users were required to choose one of three media presets. With V2, users can specify precise dimensions and file types for NFT media (incl. on-the-fly media transformations). This also means users can ensure that malicious media files are never shown in their application by transforming media to “safe” file types (e.g., jpg).

Check out how easy it is to resize media and render different media types.

What can you use the Center API v2 endpoints for?

  • Render images, video, audio and more: We support rendering of still images, animations, video files, audio and more. You can easily view all media associated with a given NFT, and choose how you want to render it in your application.
  • Render custom media types and dimensions: Our users can now specify precise dimensions and file types for NFT media. Want to transform an animation into a 300x300 JPG before you render it? With our API, it's straightforward.
  • Add "Safe Rendering" to your application: With our custom rendering engine, users can specify "safe" file types (e.g., jpg) that ensure malicious media files are never shown in their application.
  • Track NFT ownership with 100% accuracy: If you need to know which assets are held by a particular address, our API now provides the fastest and most accurate up-to-the-chaintip data.
  • Retrieve NFT asset metadata: Providing asset metadata in your applications has never been easier – our advanced versioning technology means we'll always provide the latest metadata.

What's next?

Over the coming weeks, we will be unveiling additional v2 endpoints. You can find the latest in our documentation, under v2. Stay tuned, and let us know if you have any requests at!